In a sea of sound, Pilgrimage Years stays just enough out of focus. The debut album “The Size of a Year” (2023) is an intricate body of work full of lush soundscapes and nostalgic remarks. With a wide range from loud soundscapes to intimate sonics, the band’s music is floating on a stream of consciousness, of feelings that need no translation into words. 


Motions is an album with 10 tracks that ponders on the movement between various stages in life, whether they are physical or mental places. Inspired by the theme of Frank Sintra's 'Cycles' it aims to capture the essence of moving on and growing, of accepting and letting go. It is an attempt to meditate on the topic of seasons; of having different circumstances and preparations as you move through different fields, views and surfaces.
Sonically we've continued to build on that big bright guitar sound with comforting riffs, supported by mostly faster jazzy drums. Lyrically we have taken inspiration from more abstract acts, trying to leave a lot of room open for interpretation of the listener.
We are really proud that this album was ready so quick after our debut "The Size of a Year", and it is completely produced by the band.
In anticipation of the new album, we will release 2 singles: "DIVE" & "MOTIONS".

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